Trust is the most important asset

Trust is something very difficult to obtain (can take years), and easy to lose (a single mistake).

What distinguishes professionals and companies today is not the academic degree, nor a beautiful speech, nor the marketing, but the confidence that a fantastic work will be done.

I prefer to rely important work in the hands of a professional I trust, even if it takes longer and is more expensive.

I’d rather pay a lot more for something that I’m sure will work very well (say, an iPhone) than on something nominally better but I do not trust (a Chinese smartphone).

Trust is the foundation of a healthy society. Paper money has no intrinsic value, only the confidence that it will be accepted by everyone.

Bureaucracies serve to transfer the trust of the people who execute it to the process as a whole.

Trust between people is subjective. Difficult to explain, a sum of signals. Volatile. It is difficult to falsify, scarce, and therefore extremely valuable.


Project Manager on Analytics and Innovation. “Samurai of Analytics”. Passionate about Combinatorial Optimization, Philosophy and Quantum Computing.

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