We all admire people who take responsibility for the process.

There is nothing worse than making a purchase in some store, and at the time of asking about the delay of delivery, hear that the logistics is outsourced and therefore the fault is from another area. Or call to cancel some service, and jump from phone operator to operator in an infinite loop. To the consumer it does not matter if the problem is in the picking, the credit, in the logistics, he wants the final product.

For the worker, it is really difficult to take responsibility. A company is composed by several people, each with its own role and responsibility, and these often have more work than they can do. Faults often occur, and the most natural justification is to say that the fault is from another area.

But no, the fault is not from another area. The fault is in the process. The fault is mine. The leader (one with a leader attitude, regardless of hierarquical position) must take responsibility for the process and also take on the mistakes of other people. It is laborious, it has risks, but it is what must be done.

Taking responsibility is one of the most important features of the effective executive.

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