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I did a course on the platform Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/), about Quantum Computing. It was a paid course, around 25 $, to have the commitment to finish the same. It is possible to do the same course for free, the difference is no certificate at the end of the course.

The instructor was a professor at the University of St. Petersburg.

The course was divided into 5 weeks, with quick quizzes among videos and a longer examination at the end of each week.

In terms of Coursera’s structure, it was very good. The certificate is given only to those who watch the videos and pass the tests. It’s a little more expensive, but much more demanding than the course of the Udemy (which was just watching the videos).

I didn’t like the didactic part. The instructor was not very clear, and I solved many of the tasks mentioned not following the instructions given by the course, but through other sources. It seems (and is) a normal teacher, those of a regular classroom. The difference was instead of writing on the chalkboard, he wrote on a tablet.

There is also a discussion forum, but apparently this course has few interested, so only the instructor answered after a few days (and again, it was not a very didactic answer).


I liked the Coursera video and testing scheme, but not this specific course.

Another interesting thing is that you can link the completion certificate on LinkedIn. If someone wants to add me in the same: Https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnaldogunzi

In the end of the day, the true value is what the person knows and not what is described in the resumé. However, I have seen that several people are motivated to take courses if someone also does, and this creates positive feedback.


Forgotten lore: https://ideiasesquecidas.com/

Project Manager on Analytics and Innovation. “Samurai of Analytics”. Passionate about Combinatorial Optimization, Philosophy and Quantum Computing.

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