Memorize more is easier than memorize less

It is impressive how the human brain works. It is easier to memorize 10 interconnected facts in a coherent way, than just 2 sparse facts.

Example: for some reason, I want to memorize the dates when the atomic bombs fell in the end of World War II.

These were days 06 and 09/08/1945.

Pure memorization method: repeat aloud the dates. Five minutes later, I don’t know anymore if it is 6/8 or 8/6 or 8/8…

Visualize the whole: for me, it makes more sense to think in the whole, visualize, correlate everything.

06 and 09 are multiples of 03. Besides, 3, 6, 9 is a arithmetic progression.
6 Hiroshima, 9 Nagasaki.


For some reason, my wife says august is the month of the crazy dog, a bad month. A bad month for a bad thing, the bombs.

1945 is the year of the ending of the war. From 1939 to 1945. Germany surrendered some months earlier.

The first bomb was named “Little Boy”. The second, “Fat Man”. Two differents bombs because there were two technologies, uranium and plutonium, radioactive substances.

Uranus is the god of the Sky in the greek mithology. Pluto, the god of Hell. Sky and Hell. Something falling from the sky and going to hell.

Uranium has an smaller atomic number, 92, and because of this, “little boy”. Plutonium, a bit heavier, “fat man”, with number 94.

Perhaps with one bomb Japan would not surrender. Uranium and Plutonium were hard to get, and hard to enrich. Therefore, the USA wanted to show strenght, with two bombs. A warning signal. That’s why two bombs.

Memorizing several facts makes the brain to create neural connections. Memory is reflexive, the fact X helps to remember fact Y, and Y helps to remember X.

And else, if I forget some of these details, at least I still have a lot of history to tell.

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Originally published at on February 9, 2017.

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