Continuing the description of milestones of Artificial Intelligence, in 2015 the world got to know DeepDream, published by Google.

They are psychedelic images generated by a neural network, as if they were dreams. Because of this, the final algorithm was named “Inception” (have you seen the movie?).

More generally, the method used is the Transfer Style.

A conventional neural network is able to classify images, such as detecting dogs in photos. We modify this network with another metric, to classify how similar the pattern of one part of the screen is in relation to another. It is very complicated to define what is a pattern and what is an image, but imagine that Van Gogh’s strong strokes are a pattern.

In this way, the network “learns” to draw like Van Gogh or another artist.

Put a normal photo at the entrance, and voilá, we have a stylized photo.

There are some sites that allow experiments. or

It is difficult to achieve good results.

Soundtrack: Sweet Dreams — Eurythmics

Arnaldo Gunzi.

Technical ideas with a bit of philosophy

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