The link says: D-Wave announces availability of its quantum computer D-Wave Advantage

It is a 5000 qubits computer. But how can D-Wave have 5000 qubits if IBM has 50 qubits?

To explain. The technique of D-Wave is completely different from that of IBM or other players.

The D-Wave is an adiabatic computer. It is like simulated annealing, for those who know optimization: I initialize qubits with restrictions, and the point of least energy is the solution of the system. Disadvantages: it only serves for optimization problems, and the gain is doubtful.

Other players use quantum logic gates. It is an approach that enables much more general computing (say, applying Shor’s algorithm to break encryption).

Many researchers, like the brilliant Scott Aaronson of U Texas, are skeptical of the D-Wave approach.

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